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                        PISCES                                                       TAURUS



                    ARIES                                                         CANCER 


SCORPIO                                                                                            VIRGO


                SAGITARIUS                                                               GEMINI 


LIBRA                                                                  LEO







The Great Hunter. He boasted that no animal could defeat him.
Orion was known in ancient Greece, around 500 B.C., as the warrior.
Orion was the son of Poseidon, the god of the seas.
Orion boasted that so great was his might and skill as a hunter that he could kill all the animals on the face of the Earth. Gaea, Goddess of Earth, was alarmed at such a boastful and inappropriate statement. Gaea decided that Orion must be killed just in case he might one day decide to carry out his boast. So Gaea sent a giant scorpion to Orion and ordered the beast to sting Orion. As mighty as Orion was, after only a brief battle, the scorpion managed to deliver the hunter a deadly sting. Scorpius stung Orion on the heel (at the star Rigel). Orion and the scorpion were given honored places in the sky, but they were placed at opposite ends of the great sky dome so that they would never engage in battle again. Although there are other storied about how Orion met his death, this one is the most common.




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